Which course is for me?

How can a SKETCH career mentoring session help me?
You may have recently graduated, you’re talented and raring to embark on your design career, but your confused about where to begin or which career avenue is best for you. The SKETCH career mentoring sessions are designed to make sure you get direction, stand out from the crowd and start work in a career that you are passionate about. Our career sessions are not exclusively for recent graduates, they are also an ideal opportunity for those thinking about a change in their career, or for those looking for direction and motivation.

How can a SKETCH business mentoring session help me?
If you are considering self-employment but want to gain an insight into running your own company before deciding this is the right choice for you. It’s also perfect for those who have an initial idea, design concept, product or prototype that you are considering taking to market but are unsure if it’s viable, sellable and profitable. These business mentoring sessions will give you the confidence to make the right decision for your business venture.

Are the SKETCH ‘one to one’ mentoring sessions for me?
Personal one to one courses focus entirely on the individual’s specific requirements. They are a perfect opportunity to get confidential advice from an experienced creative specialist, who will listen to your questions and guide you in the right direction. Should you need direction on your future or are unsure of which direction your work and skills could lead you. Contact us to book a personal mentoring session with our Business Advisor or should you already have a specific area of interest, chose a member of our SKETCH team to advise you on possibilities for your career. Our mentoring sessions are designed to continually develop you and your work to a professional level through communicating and working together on a regular basis.

Do I need a Professional portfolio tutorial?
Your portfolio content plays an essential part in portraying your talent and skills. It also plays an important role in giving an invaluable insight of your design capabilities to prospective employees. It is essential that your portfolio is up to date and perfectly styled. This tutorial ensures that your portfolio is at a professional level and specifically tailored to the company you wish to impress.

Do I need a Design tutorial?
This tutorial offers an ideal opportunity for those who may be unsure of their design direction and style. It offers time to analyse your strengths and realise possible career avenues for your skill set. It’s a chance to build on your portfolio to enhance your collections and develop new ideas. You will be able to have your own space to get creative and use the studio and print room facilities.

Do I need a CV tutorial?
Your CV has to create a fantastic first impression to your perspective employer, it is extremely important that on first sight your CV stands out from the crowd. Your style and content will be analysed and developed to ensure that your skills and knowledge are documented in the right fashion to impress. Competition within the creative industry is always extremely tough, by having a striking professional CV, you will have an excellent start to getting your foot in the door!

Do I need a company consultation?
Company consultations are for those wishing to start a business and specific advice on their ideas and concepts. It is also for those who have already begun their business but are looking for new direction for a more successful and profitable future.

Do I need to develop my portfolio?
You may have graduated recently and would like to develop your degree work onwards for a specific market you are considering working within. You may have been graduated a while and would like to reassess and update your portfolio. You maybe looking into changing career direction and need guidance on developing your portfolio towards a specific area. What ever you are considering, this is a chance to have ‘one to one’ advice specifically about your work to ensure that your portfolio will be at a professional level and styled specifically to impress the client or market that you wish to work for.

Are the course prices the same for everyone?
There are discounts for students and graduates.

Where are the courses held?
All our seminars, courses, workshops and excursions are held in Universities, courses and venues throughout the UK.

When will my mentoring session be reserved and confirmed?
Subject to availability, you will be sent an email to confirm your reservation. Within this email will be your invoice for payment of the course. Once you have paid your space will be confirmed.

How can I pay?
You will receive an invoice in your confirmation email. You will pay by internet banking directly onto our account. Should you wish to pay by cash, please state this whilst securing your time for your session.

What if I need to cancel or can’t make it?
Once your payment has been received and your place has been confirmed it will not be refunded. Should you give us a weeks notice, we will be happy to reschedule on our next course or book another mentoring session. Late notice cancellations received within 48 hours of your mentoring session, course or seminars confirmed date sadly will not be refunded.

Can I change dates that I have already booked and been confirmed?
Should there be a place available on another date we will endeavour to try our best to change to your requested date.

Mentoring Questions and Queries
All questions and queries that you would like to ask will be answered in your next mentoring session. Feel free to write and to update your mentor on your latest news, but responses and answers to your queries will be discussed in your next session. You are paying for the mentoring service for the time you have booked only, all queries, questions and advice will only be covered during your sessions, should you require more mentoring time please inquire about booking for an extension to the time needed at your next appointment.

Rescheduling and Cancelling
At least 48 hours notice is required when rescheduling or cancelling an appointment, course or excursion. If you do not give adequate notice, you will be charged for the session.

Missed Appointments
If you fail to attend an appointment, course or excursion you will be charged in full for the session.

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